It`s been 3 months since the last show in Hartwall Arena and things are finally calming down. I just read through the yet unfinished version of the upcoming Nightwish-book. I was very impressed. It made me feel nostalgic, happy, ashamed and sad at the same time. This book is written by Mr. Mape Ollila and it`s being finished as we speak. The Finnish version of the book will be released in May. Also the live dvd "End Of An Era" will be released later this year but we have no information about the exact release date yet.

At the moment I’m occupied with writing songs for the next Nightwish album. 14 pieces done so far. I’m also participating in Timo Rautiainen’s solo album, the new For My Pain album, and some Kotiteollisuus’ live gigs before summer. With Nightwish we will start rehearsing the new stuff in June, entering the studio in September. Again we will write a diary through this site so you guys know what’s happening while in the studio. New Nightwish-homepage will also see daylight soon.

At the moment Emppu has his own side projects, Marco is working with the new Tarot-album and Jukka is busy with his new project, unrelated to music business.

The new singer will be announced through this site when the time comes. Please believe in nothing that’s not confirmed on this page.

Spirits up,