According to Finnish tabloid “Iltalehti” (3.2.06) the release of the “End Of An Era” –liveDVD is in danger to be postponed due to some unexpected problems in contracts. Riku Pääkkönen, the chief executive of Spin-Farm tells that Tarja’s manager Marcelo Cabuli is demanding the Spin-Farm -company, Nightwish as a band and the management staff to sign a contract that no one of them is allowed to say anything about Tarja or Marcelo, or anything related to them, without written permission from Marcelo. This kind of contract would practically prevent the publishing of the Nightwish –book this spring as well. “We really found the proposal to be strange and soon realized that this kind of a paper cannot be signed. You can’t make contracts like this” says Riku Pääkkönen in Iltalehti arcticle. There would be a 250 000 Euros fine for breaking the contract.

The concert in Hartwall-Arena is about to be released as a DVD and as a live-album. To do that the agreement from all the parties is needed and because of this unfortunate mess it seems hard to get one member to sign.

Tuomas thinks that the current situation is absurd. Cabuli wants the whole band to sign the contract, yet he hasn't contacted any of the band members personally. All the information has come through Spinefarm.
Seeing the contract was unbelievably amusing...for this kind of thing even being suggested.

Seeing the forecoming DVD release used as a pawn in this game makes Tuomas angry.

Of course I'm annoyed because once again an outsider has so much effect on band's internal affairs. I don't have any need to say anything bad about Tarja, with or without a contract. As I've stated many times before, I wish her all the best. No sane person would sign something like that, Tuomas says.

In the worst case, domestic [Finnish] fans would have to order their copies from abroad.

After seeing the contract I got the impression, that "There wont be a contract if you don't shut your mouth." Basically, this is once again an example of how the fans are treated, says Tuomas.

Even if Holopainen is annoyed because of the recent dispute, it wont affect Nightwish's future. New songs are being made all the time and a studio session next fall is a fact. I'm confident that this whole thing will become clear eventually, says Tuomas.

Source: Iltalehti 3.2.2006