The Band was created during a summer night back in 1996, when Tuomas Holopainen and Ernno (Emppu) Vuorinen, friends from childhood, asked Tarja Turunen (former schoolmate!) to sing with them in the band which intended to be at that time only an accoustic music project. Tarja’s voice, special tone and intensity (classicaly educated) lead Tuomas to change his initial plans with a turn towards more powerful kind of sound: melodic metal. The three were joined in 1997 by Jukka Nevalainen (drums) and Sami Vanska (bass), who was replaced in 2001 by Marko Hietala.

In just seven years from setting up, the Finns became famous and cherished all over the world. They succesfully edited 6 albums, 2 DVDs and several singles. From 1997 on, all the albums brought them gold and platinum discs!