"This album sets new standards within the metal genre: NIGHTWISH's sixth studio record "Once" exceeds all expectations! Never before the band has merged elements of classic and metal so homogeneous and created such a bombastic and powerful result. "Once" overflows downright with both strength and melody, manifested through the great effort of the band itself and the committed London Session Orchestra (well-known for e.g. the soundtrack of "Lord Of The Rings III"), which helped Nightwish to produce an unforgettable long player. Beside the hit single 'Nemo', "Once" features ten more unbelievable songs in the same epical and majestic style, such as 'I Wish I Had An Angel', 'Planet Hell' or 'Higher Than Hope'. A moving journey through all different shadings of emotions you just can imagine!"
                                                                                                Greece, June 20th 2004