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Interview with Tarja Turunen , 2nd of april 2004
exclusively for Aquarius Foundation

Your coming to Bucharest for a lied concert brought happiness into the hearts of thousands of youngsters as well as not-so-young Romanians.

1. Please tell us about the "Scandinavian Nights" tour, which is the idea behind, its aim as well as your expectations from it.

The idea of Noche Escandinava was born in the beginning of the year 2002 when I started to think a possibility to make lied concerts in South America. With a help of Marcelo Cabuli's from Nems Enterprises Argentina, we contacted the persons that could make my dream come true. First lied concerts happened in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 2002.
I wanted to show for the people in South America something about my Finnish culture and European culture of music through the songs that I and 2 other Scandinavian singers were singing. It was a success and people liked the songs and the style of lied very much. That's why we are doing it for the second time, but this time in 4 countries. Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Romania. The difference will be now that we are singing only Finnish songs, from Finnish composers and the singers will be all coming from Finland.