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It will be wonderful to see your beautiful country and get know more about your way of living and culture. I hope the concert in Bucharest will be interesting for you and the songs different that you have used to hear. We are very pleased and honoured to sing songs from our home country for you.

2. What does it mean to you to combine the classical with the gothic-symphonic musical field?

It has a special meaning for me. The fact is that both things are very different in a musical way, but in both genres of music, I am doing the same, singing, makes it very interesting to me and also for listeners. There was a time that it was very hard for me to sing with Nightwish and handle my voice and technical in it. Actually it took me many years to learn how to do it in a healthy way, without harming my voice. Now when I can be sure how I am singing, it makes a lot of fun to sing with Nightwish. I am using my classical trained voice in Nightwish and that is what makes a big difference between Nightwish and many other heavy metal bands. I can be very proud of that fact.

3. Which feelings do you experience on the lied concert stages, just before Nightwish's world tour this year?