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3. Which feelings do you experience on the lied concert stages, just before Nightwish's world tour this year?

I am very nervous because of many reasons. Firstly, the time seems to be short to have enough time to concentrate into my classical concerts and on the other hand, Nightwish is soon releasing a new album and it already gives me a lot of work to do in a promotional way. It is so great to have a chance to do these Noche Escandinava concerts now, just before a huge Nightwish's world tour, because the differences between these 2 tours are so big. In Noche Escandinava concerts I need to sing perfectly and win my fears to face a classical audience, which is always much more serious than an audience in Nightwish concerts.

4. Your lied concert will have an unforgettable impact on lots of young people who get this way in contact with the "print" of a classically trained voice. In many cases, this opened up the path for them listening to other classical works. This must be a reward thought for you, when you think back. How do you feel about it?

I am very happy to talk with people that has founded classical music after listening Nightwish and vice versa. For example, at the moment I have many singing students that knows Nightwish, but loves also classical singing, so it is a preveledge for me to see that this kind of gross over thing is truly