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happening with Nightwish and with me. I think that music is a universal language and I need to see it all very open minded if I want to learn new things, because there are still many things to learn.

5. Nightwish?s coming world tour will promote the new album, "ONCE". What can you tell us about the new album, as regards the melodic and harmonic line and about the concept behind?

I don't think there is a special concept behind the album really. Either there isn't so called, red line, to follow from the beginning to the end. The album includes very various kind of songs, the emotions are changing from the happiness to the sorrow. I could say the album is very emotional this time and each of the song is like a small soundtrack of a movie. Includes many harder songs but on the other hand many soft, smoothly going songs. Once is a very mature Nightwish album with some surprises in vocal interpretations once again and quite many new elements in song arrangements. We have wanted to sound big as on our previous album Century Child already, but this time we have wanted to reach the perfection. Have we reached even a bit of that, is in listener's hands.

6. We understood the presence of symphonic elements on? ONCE? is enhanced. What does this bring to Nightwish's music?