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6. We understood the presence of symphonic elements on? ONCE? is enhanced. What does this bring to Nightwish's music?

We were very lucky to have an opportunity to work with Pip Williams and complete symphonic orchestra in London this time. The arrangements what Pip did for Once, are amazing and very different than on any of our previous albums. The orchestra fits there just perfectly and sounds great with the band. This brings of course a big difference in Nightwish music and the element of symphonic orchestra is something that usually people in metal are not used to listen so often. The songs are full of deeper emotions and the way to tell the story and to touch the listener is very different.

7. Through its emotional power of transmission, music "heals the wounds" and "breaks the walls". Your way of doing music proved that no matter if in a lied concert or in a Nightwish show, the audience is touched by the music. Please tell us something about the power of music to heal the human soul.

I have been telling my singing students how important it is to know that when you are a singer, you are a singer all the time. No matter of the time of the day or night, you are carrying your instrument inside of you all the time.