aspirations and inquietude of the artists with his own aspirations, motivations and restlessness. And if finally, in the mind of at least one listener, questions and restlessness regarding the aim of the world, on his/her own motivation of living will be brought in, it means the artists reached their aim.

As Ville Valo once confessed, which could be the motivation of art, else than being for a moment a harbour for the human souls. So that they can anchor, load themselves with new questions and inquietude, but also with beauty and answers, to get the force to navigate further, continuing the journey on the ocean of Existence.

Born in a world where the human being is mostly asked to be pragmatic and concrete, two mostly valued caractheristics, I believe the creations of the Finnish musicians and artists intends to bring in discussion feelings nowadays ignored, like the inner search for Beauty, Truth and Love.

Let’s take for example “Nemo”, one of Tuomas Holopainen’s newest compositions from ONCE. Starting from the comparison of the human being with a boat navigating on the ocean of existence, we can identify three types of people:

1. The first and probably the largest category is made out of those who lost their compass. They float adrift through life, without even knowing the direction they aim at. These are people who have no ideals, no inner longing and aspirations. Their attention never exceeded trifles; they never focused further than material and social aspirations. Their biggest drama is they do not differentiate the desire from aspiration, confounding their ideals with a chimera.