2. The second category consists of those people who have an inner compass in their existence, but have lost the North point. They have ideals, aspirations and longing, but they have forgotten that any human creation is valuable only through the contribution to one’s own, as well as to others’ inner development. Their sky is clouded, and, even if they look further than daily matters, they cannot be guided by the stars. The Northern Star is for them just a fairy tale element, vaguely telling of ancient times.

3. If we were to judge only on materialist values, where quantity and not quality matters, we should not even speak about the third category: they are few, therefore of no significance.

But these exactly were the people who, in mankind’s endless spin, made the difference. The lonely ones. The Dreamers. Those who kept their compass North tuned. In their search and longing, materialised be it as a symphony, a painting or a poem, the others can find their way and ideal. Their restlessness and longing for a lost sacred world gives them wings to raise above the clouds, there where the Northern Star always reveals to the sight. Like this, they can always go in the right direction and even guide the others as well.

Their “longing” is what one can really long to self identify with.