The first single from Century Child, Ever Dream, got the gold disk in just two days!

Edited in May 2002, Century Child established a sales record, getting gold in Finland only two hours after release, and platinum in two weeks.Nightwish had a great success in annual-readers-poll in Finnish Soundi magazine. Categories (and ranking): Best Finnish Rock band(1), Best Finnish Band(3), Best Finnish Album(4), Best Finnish Song(Bless The Child)(5). Best Rock band -category was mentioned as a biggest poll of all times for defining best Finnish Rock band. Over 100 bands got votes and Nightwish was the winner.In July 2002 the band made a very successful tour in the South America, with sold out shows. Century Child also sold double platinum …

Issued in spring 2004 Nemo delighted the public right from the beginning: the single got succedingly gold and platinum in a couple of weeks, and became headline in many European charts.

The long awaited Once did not fail to pay for the band’s efforts, reaching the first position in many countries in Europe: double platinum in Finland, gold in Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia.